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Anirban Basu
Anirban Basu Chairman and CEO , Sage Policy Group Inc.

Anirban Basu, ABC’s chief economist, is chairman and CEO of Sage Policy Group Inc., which provides strategic analytical services to energy suppliers, law firms, medical systems, government agencies and real estate developers.  He chairs the Maryland Economic Development Commission and teaches at Johns Hopkins University. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, a master’s degree from Harvard University and a second master’s degree and his Juris Doctor the University of Maryland. 

Jon Dorenbos
Jon Dorenbos Former Professional Football Player , World-class Magician

Jon Dorenbos suffered a devastating family tragedy in his childhood, but performing magic and playing pro football saved him, leading him to appearances on America’s Got Talent and 14 NFL seasons. After a life-threatening heart condition, he developed a road map for finding happiness. Life Is Magic—a story about overcoming life-or-death challenges with grace, persistence and a childlike sense of wonder—will wow and inspire you.

Gov. Bill Lee (Invited)
Gov. Bill Lee (Invited) State of Tennessee

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) is a strong supporter of workforce and economic development across the state. Under his leadership, Tennessee was named the best fiscally managed state in the country. Gov. Lee was the 1999 chair of ABC of Greater Tennessee and is the former president of Lee Company, a family-owned comprehensive mechanical construction service company.

Brant Menswar
Brant Menswar CEO and Founder , Rock Star Impact

A critically acclaimed author, award-winning musician and the founder of Rock Star Impact, Menswar teaches people and organizations how to cultivate values-based leadership and activate organizational values to help connect the head and heart. With his authentic rock-star swagger, Brant challenges us to become values-based leaders and inspires us to change what’s possible with his incredible story of hope, creativity and determination.

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